Typesetting Services

We are a professional firm that provides typesetting services to our loyal clients.

Who Choose Us?

 Our designers use creativity and innovation in formatting to provide excellent typesetting services in publishing, design, and printing.

If you want a content proper design with word spacing, punctuation, or capitalization with typography. All these should be prepared by our experienced designers with high-resolution

How it works

Our process flow at Geniies guarantees that learners discover better-structured subjects, relevant high-resolution photographs and drawings, and easy-to-understand information to create a grasp of the subject.


We are a well-known professional typesetting firm that creates a broad range of publications that include complex drawings, diagrams, tables, multi-environment layouts, and so on.


Manual typesetting services are provided by qualified specialists in Geniies. They can swiftly discover and correct issues such as uneven tone in photographs, style, differences in artwork in respect to the source file, geography, hyperlinking, formatting, and so on. Professionals utilize a variety of platforms to validate codes and ensure that the final result is correct.

Formatting in a Novel Way

The team of Geniies consists of creative graphic designers and experienced editors. They create unique, compelling, and visually evoking layouts structured with customized and fascinating illustrations. A well-illustrated cover page reflects high-quality content and makes the eBooks stand out.

Typesetting Services

Geniies Typesetting gives integral to the reader’s experience. We determine what the book looks like, how the content flows, and how to focus the reader’s attention. Design and typesetting communicate value and tone and speak directly to the audience in terms of what the book is about and who it’s for.

Typesetting Services

The Design of a book usually demonstrates the degree of quality and attention put into the creation, and hence the reading experience. Furthermore, the layout of a book is critical in assisting the reader incorrectly ingesting information.

Typesetting Services

We start by identifying our clients’ needs, and then we figure out where we can improve. We then artistically document the necessary designs, establishing a blueprint in the process. We create material with the greatest applications available, such as InDesign and Frame Maker. Finally, our quality analysts, designers, and editors review and proofread the material for information, format, and linguistic accuracy.

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