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Whom Do We Serve?

We perfectly understand who needs our services and We’ve been serving our clients by understanding them more than they expect to be understood.

Publishers and Publishing Service Providers

University Presses and Libraries

Archival and Information Servide Providers

Directory and Yellow Page Publishers

What Do We Serve?

We help you increase your opportunities to enter new markets. Our expert team works as your own team to support you at all costs.

E-Book Conversions

Convert your loads of content into compelling ebooks that sell. We create ebooks that your consumers enjoy consuming in their preferable formats.

Editorial Services

Geniies accelerates editing processes with its super-skilled manpower and gets it done in the scheduled time without compromising the quality of the content.

Typesetting Services

With several years of experience in typesetting services, Geniies promises proficiency in its work to its clients with utmost professionalism.

Project Management

Our unfaltering belief is that the right project management is the right tool to publish success. We ensure that all your projects are skillfully managed.

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E-Learning Services

Geniies will always align with your business goals and your objectives prioritizing your output expectations & Helps you create an impactful and remembering experience.

Art & Illustration

The output you get from Geniies team is a pure design crafted with originality expressing the emotions that you wanted to perceive by your consumers.

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About Our Services

We do what we love and We love taking your vision to reality.

Here’s what you benefit from us:


What do you get in our E-Book Conversion Services?

The market has started to turn and revolve around technology. The rapid growth of demand for E-Books brings the writers, publishers, and content producers to convert their high volume of data into a simple but high-featured & facilitated E-Book. Convert your loads of content into compelling ebooks that sell. We create ebooks that you consumers enjoy consuming in their preferable devices or formats.

How our Editorial Services can help you?

Flawless, Impactful, and perfectly structured content is the result you get with our Editorial Service. Our hyper-focused editing team gives the finest editing to your content and transforms them into error-free, professionally formatted high-quality content. Our team tightens the nuts and bolts to improve the content quality to the maximum and brings out a sparkling piece of content that sells.



Why Typesetting is more important to publishers?

The design elements in your content are the ones that add beauty and clarity at the same time. The extras(Design, Symbols & Special characters, Margins) that you add to your text formatted content give more attractiveness and love to read kind of vibe to your readers. According to us, giving completeness + a competitive edge through the design elements to your publishable content is exactly what Typesetting Service is. 

Why we can manage your projects better than you?

We have been in the E-Publishing Industry for 11+ years completing successful projects in every vertical of E-Publishing. We’ve got the men of military age that can co-ordinate with the authors, editors, indexers, translators, and Graphic designers a way better and get the work done in a comparatively faster time.



Why is it best to outsource E-Learning Services?

Leaving it to the professionals and watching your work getting sharpened the way it should is the reason why you should outsource your E-learning projects. You give us the content and we refine it in a proper compelling and engaging format to your consumers where they will start choosing you again and again. We give you the complete business model and the content delivery mechanism that your business needs to prosper online. 

How can you utilize our Art & Illustration Services?

Our prominent digital illustration services turn your crazy ideas and sketches into professional illustrations. Our eye-catchy art designs will make your customers remember you when they see those designs. When it comes to custom illustrations, we listen and understand our clients as each client has their creative ideas, visions, and expectations and we try our best to make it live along with a touch of uniqueness.


Meet Our Geniies!

Our two most strong verticals which gave us the reputation for excellence and customer satisfactions. Get to know our Premium Services.

During over 11 years of operation, our priority has always been to maintain strong relationships with our customers and High-Quality work.