Self-directed Learning

A self-directed learner is someone responsible for their education, information acquisition, and mastery growth.

Who Choose Us?

Our dedicated and specialized team will develop study material, as well as the study rhythm for you. We are one of the best self-learning materials, providers.

Our Team

We believe in honesty and dedication, hence Geniies has a staff of specialists that are experts in their fields.

Individual Reflection

Consider moments when you were a self-directed learner for the first portion of this learning exercise.

Peer Reflection

Discuss with someone else how he or she has pursued self-directed learning and compare it to your own experience for the second half of this learning exercise.

What exactly is Self-Directed Learning?

Self-directed learning can mean different things to different individuals, but in general, it is a pedagogical technique in which students guide their education.


How become a self-directed learner?

A certain level of structure is still beneficial to self-directed learning. Making a learning plan with a timetable, defined goals, deadlines, and maybe even a budget will help learners push themselves to a higher level of knowledge than, for example, a casual hobbyist.

Why learning activity?

  • Determine your own learning needs
  • Design your own learning goals
  • To implement your learning strategies
  • Evaluate your learning
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