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Learning Technologies

Geniies brings people together with an advanced technology


Our  LXP is a user-friendly learning and development platform. LXPs assist employees in answering critical business questions and give chances for professional growth.

Content creation

Content curation


Recommendations and training based on AI

LXPs may consume training information and use AI and machine learning to determine what the content is teaching.

What are LXPs used for?

 Skill development and professional development use LXPs to meet their self-directed learning needs. While an LMS is excellent for compliance training, it falls short of open-ended discovery and goal-based learning.


Create a customized, easy to use, and yet powerful LMS for all the learning needs of your organization as a centralized training platform that your learners will love.

Geniies learning management system (LMS) is the cornerstone of a robust and effective online teaching and learning environment. Education and training in site management, platform tools and resources, course building, and teaching approaches provide learners with a transformational learning experience.

eLearning content design team
Open LMS Content Services will assist you from beginning to end, allowing you to maintain control over your learning results. Use our multi-award-winning teams professionally designed and created courses to power your student experiences.

Open-Source Technology

Cloud hosting



Build a learning platform where your learners can access all training-related resources, training/learning materials, and tools essential to do their job.

Why choose us?

  • Our Learning Portals personalize the learning journey
  • Flexible Learning Portal
  • Geniies learning Portals are accessible on all devices
  • L&D teams interacting solely for discrete formal training sessions.
  • Discussion forums, messaging services, email, calendars, and other communication tools can be included in Gennis Learning portals

Geniies Learning portals for corporate training allow a connection with the learners throughout the learning experience,

A learning portal, in its most basic form, might be a storefront where our learners can explore or be assigned material.


Partner up with us and get your own high-end augmented reality app with our AR development specialists. Our tech professionals will also uncover the endless possibilities of AR that’s suitable for you.

Our Augmented reality is a highly visible, interactive means of providing useful digital information in the context of the actual world, to connect people and enhance business outcomes.

Our Augmented reality (AR) involves overlaying visual, auditory, or other sensory information onto the world to enhance one’s experience.

The basic aims of Geniies augmented reality is to emphasize certain physical world elements, enhance comprehension of those qualities, and extract sensible and accessible knowledge that can be used in real-world applications.

What you should know about the tire &  break check


We help organizations generate a digital world, allowing their users to create immersive virtual experiences with their products and services by our cutting-edge VR Solutions.

Geniies VR allows you to leave the actual world and immerse yourself in something more wonderful. It has the potential to be the greatest social technological advancement of all time.

  •  Elements of Geniies virtual reality
  •  Feedback from the senses
  • Interactivity
  • Comfort
  •  Interaction
  • Video games
  • Education

In technical terms

The technical terms are simple. A three-dimensional, computer-generated world that can be explored and interacted with is referred to as virtual reality. 

Geniies Virtual reality is the building of a virtual environment that is given to our senses in such a way that we feel as if we are there in person. It may be used for both fun and serious purposes. Technology is becoming more accessible and inexpensive. Many more groundbreaking Geniies virtual reality technologies are on the road.

API Integration

We help you integrate multiple systems by creating dedicated, reliable, and secure APIs that can work together and achieve results that you desire.

Geniies API integration services that can improve the experience of professionals. We can help developers reach their maximum potential.

Digital transformation
Our API integration solutions are critical for digital transformation as well as creating and building incredibly new business models. These are the pillars of a corporate economy that can be constructed better, quicker, and more cheaply.

New network distribution will be made easier.

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