Digital Publishing Solution


Experience our business astuteness in converting ancient books, magazines, children’s literature, journals, memory content, dictionaries and company content into digital format that are easily accessible to the E-readers’ devices.


Flawless, professionally formatted, high-quality and perfectly structured content is the result you get with our editorial services. Beyond cooperating with the client’s expectations, our team understands the prospects of the client’s audiences and works accordingly to satisfy the audience’s expectations.


Bringing the consumers an enjoyable piece of content to see and to read is what the writers continuously strive to do. We understand the requirements of publishers from their perspective and provide them a ready-to-publish product to the clients. 


Our extensive expertise in the management of STM, non-STM, and academic journals possess a rich depth of experience in the single-source, multiple output publishing workflows that enables efficient multi-channel publishing, which includes POD, Smart PDF, E-books, electronic deliverables, etc.


Our team of visualizers and graphic artists help you create unique, compelling and visually-evoking apt layout, and customized illustrations that reflect your content, helping your Books stand out.


We provide you with a team of dedicated and highly experienced HTML5 Developers who have a proven track record of delivering customized HTML5 conversions. Our team collaborates with you in real-time to develop HTML5 development solutions within the shortest turnaround time.

WHY WE ARE The Right fit for E-Publishing

We encompass almost the entire E-Publishing Services starting from the cover design to complete content development. We commit longevity for your work in all relevant digital platforms that fit your business and help you reach global markets.

Maintaining a strong writer-publisher relationship sets us at the vantage point for our clients. This gives an extensive understanding of our client’s needs and requirements. Having understood the requirements, we can perform beyond what we promise.


We display professionalism through our high Quality of Services, the after-support we bestow to our clients, and the strict turnaround time that we adhere to.

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