E-learning is one of our core expertise areas as it brings together out vision of simplifying of your processes, while adding value to your business. In effect of their passion for innovation and technology, web application development, content management and assessment and reporting applications have been the favoured tasks by professionals at Exemplarr Worldwide Ltd. Many content providers are looking to digitize their print formatted learning material in cost-effective ways. We also help convert CD-formatted content through web publishing. Translation and localization are another of our specializations. We provide excellent quality translations of your content into 15 global languages by well-practiced professionals and can also localize the content according to a specific region's cultural needs.

Interactive elearning courses

Animations – 2D and 3D Animations

Simulations and games

web application development

Content conversion into elearning

Web 2.0

Mobile & I Pad Application Development

Social Media Product Development


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